Friday, December 21, 2012


It's getting so close!  Today we celebrate Christmas with family and then tomorrow morning we board a plane that will take us half way around the world to our daughter!!!

Here is our trip timeline:

Saturday (22)- leave OKC, pass through Denver and Frankfurt
Sunday (23)- arrive Addis Ababa in the late evening (9 hours ahead of OKC time)
Monday (24)- MEET MYLA!!!!, Addis
Tuesday (25)- Christmas visit with Myla!, Addis
Wednesday (26)- Court, Addis
Thursday (27)- Addis
Friday (28)- Addis
Saturday (29)- day trip outside of Addis
Sunday (30)- Lalibela
Monday (31)- Gondar
Tuesday (1)- Gondar/Bahir Dar
Wednesday (2)- Bahir Dar
Thursday (3)- Bahir Dar/Addis
Friday (4)- Addis
Saturday (5)- Addis, leave Addis late evening
Sunday (6)- arrive OKC late evening

And then we start waiting for an Embassy date!!!

We are so excited and a little overwhelmed!  This is quite the trip to put together on 5 days notice!  Luckily we had already done research, purchased our humanitarian aid and gotten all of our travel immunizations before the call on Monday!  Shew!  It's been a slight whirlwind but luckily it hasn't been a tornado. :)

Can't wait until we pass court and can share pictures of our cutie!!!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012


After almost three years of waiting, waiting and waiting some more
THINGS ARE MOVING VERY QUICKLY all of the sudden!!!!!! :)
We found out this morning that our court date in Ethiopia is next Wednesday!
So we'll be flying out in 5 days, meeting our daughter in 7 days and going to court in 9 days!
And the day we meet our daughter?!?!?  CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!
We are SO beyond excited!