Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 2012!

Ah! You know what just occurred to me? We're the top blog family on the unofficial FBI list! And we're letting everyone down by not posting! Sorry, waitlist blog stalkers!
I feel very, very, very, very confident that 2012 is our year but I still feel like it will be MONTHS before we get our referral. So I can't quite start posting daily because everyone will get bored with, "Still waiting today." Which is the same post we could have been posting for the past year and 7 months!
I try to not think about our adoption constantly because I'll go insane but I met someone this afternoon who is in the adoption process too (from Thailand) and so we got to talking. That got me to thinking and picturing our referral day for the gazillionth time and my heart started racing and I got all shaky and excited and now I'm left with this crazy nervous energy for the rest of the day. I feel like I could bust out of my office right now and go run a marathon- and maybe break a couple of records- with all of this pent up energy!


Rebecca said...

I hope it's not a couple of more months before you hear! Hoping you'll see your babies faces soon!

Kirstin C said...

Hoping you get your referral much sooner than you think! :)

Robbins' Nest said...

feel free to email me ( when you get the referral, we will be over in the next two weeks and might be able to get pics and/or video for you if you get your referral!

Kyra said...

There's only one thing for sure, and that's that your referral day will not happen the way you are imagining it. I hope it happens soon.

Francis Family said...

Hoping you get your referral much sooner than you think! We met some darling twins over there and couldn't help but wonder if they would be matched to you :)
We are still waiting to get clearance to bring our daughter home. Our case was sent on to Nairobi last week...hoping it clears soon!

hopeful_one said...

Hi Christie & Zach-- Just discovered your blog this morning as I was browsing the interweb and avoiding other tasks.

I love your monthly "#" posts, I have been doing something similar for a few months now, as I only post once a month to say "NO NEWS" again.

Still waiting, & hanging in there.

Feel free to follow along.

I will be anxiously awaiting your referral day too! 2012 is the year!!

--Mary Beth

Ally said...

Hi, we feel your pain! We are #6 on the FBI list, it's terrible! If you want some inspiration, you can check our our blog at, we have a beautiful, amazing son from Ethiopia whose gotcha date was August 9, 2007. He is absolutely perfect! He is what keeps me going on this ridiculously long wait! Also, we had to "reject" our first referral because of medical reasons- it completely tore me up, I cried for 3 days straight...however, in the end, that was a "stepping stone" toward us getting the child who is absolutely perfect for our family!
OH- and I grew up in Tulsa! where are you guys?