Monday, January 28, 2013

Trip Report: Kuriftu Resort

After spending the week in Addis we headed south on Saturday to the Kuriftu Resort, near Debre Zeit.  The resort is located on the shores of a small crater lake.  The drive to the resort was highly trafficked, not the leisurely ride through the countryside that we had been expecting.  Nevertheless, we were getting to see our first sights outside of the city and we even spotted a herd of camels!

The Kuriftu Resort is really peaceful.  We purchased a fairly inexpensive day pass for lunch and kayaking.  We spent quite a while out on the kayak, rowing around the perimeter of the lake and finding a shady spot to watch all of the colorful birds fly past us. We really tried to get good photos of these super colorful Kingfishers, but they are quick and elusive.


There was a nice buffet meal with some Ethiopian food and some western food.  They had a really good, creamy lasagna.

After lunch we sat on these sunbeds for a couple of hours and just chilled while we caught up in our trip journals. It was very relaxing.

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