Saturday, August 10, 2013

Enjoying our little one

We've been home for almost six months now! The time has flown!

We came home when it was still cold outside and it really fit our time of bonding and acclimating Myla to her new environment. For a little more than a month we were exhausted all the time. By time the weather was warming up outside Myla was sleeping better, getting more comfortable with us, and we were ready to try some new activities.

We have taken Myla to the zoo, to the lake, to Galveston, on many many walks, on bike rides, to family dinners, to two different plant shows, out to eat on family dates and to an outdoor music festival. We've found that Myla is generally laid back and a really happy baby most of the time. She is up for just about anything. She enjoys being outside, riding in the boat, going on walks, eating all sorts of foods, and having books read to her.

Myla has also made some big steps forward since she has gotten home. She wasn't quite crawling when we got home, but that changed pretty quickly. Now she is walking all over the place, using our fingers or her little walker for support. She really likes to walk up and down stairs. Just last week she began walking on her own!  She has gone from all gums to four teeth with two more on the way, and from a tiny curly mohawk to more and more curls all over her head. When she came home she was only drinking from a bottle and eating mushy foods. Now she is eating all sorts of table food (including spicy items), feeding herself, and drinking from a sippy cup. She is not speaking yet, but she understands a lot of what we are saying.  She likes to give hugs (the cutest thing in the world) and she has started giving us a cheesy smile. :)

We're still trying to perfect the nighttime sleeping, but we're not exhausted from being up all night and we're able to stay up later than Myla now! Life is good and we are really enjoying being parents - especially to our wonderful, hilarious, loving, squealing, curious, adorable little girl!

Here are some pictures from our first six months home!

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