Thursday, October 21, 2010

The To-Do List

We have, what seems like, a forever long list of things to get done before we bring Baby DuFran home. Some of the items on our list have to do with parenting preparation, some with personal goals (like catching COMPLETELY up on my scrapbooking), some with home renovations, and some with just general things that we should get done while we have time and energy to do them! Well, one of these items is ready to be scratched off the list! We tiled our kitchen this past weekend! No more blue carpet! We can finally CLEAN our kitchen floor and it’s officially ready for Baby DuFran to be crawling around on it! :) It looks really good too. I’m super excited. This was one of our big items to scratch off our “To-Do Before Baby DuFran arrives” list and now it’s done! Splendid!




shauna said...

Your to-do list helps pass the time... I spent all summer doing home improvement projects before I brought Maeve home. Congratulations on reaching the half way point. Its an amazing ride...

Niemitz said...

Thanks for your kind comment!!! Our embassy date was 11/10. It was supposed to be the 11th (Gladney usually has Thursdays) but was switched when we arrived in country!! I see you guys are from OKC, we traveled with the Plumbs, who are from there also!!!!
I hope your wait fly's by..... It is sure worth the time though once you see that precious face!


sfrancis said...

Came across your blog on the FBI list, and had to comment. We feel the same way about the long list of things to get done before Baby comes home, even though we have plenty of wait time ahead. I was born in OK, spent my childhood there, and have family there so I had to say hi. Who knows, maybe we'll be traveling around the same time?...(we are two above you on the fbi)