Thursday, October 25, 2012

Referral high

We are still on such a referral high!   She is all we can talk about and think about.   If someone brings up a conversation with me that doesn't have to do with her I have trouble concentrating on them! :)
Thursday was a whirlwind of seeing our baby for the first time and then sharing our wonderful news with everyone we know.
Friday was the last day of our vacation and felt like a complete celebration day to Zach and me!
Saturday we spent 9 hours in the car driving home together and talking about her CONSTANTLY! :)
Sunday was a whirlwind of prepping our house for her referral party and printing off tons of pictures of her!
Monday was sharing our news and pictures of her at work!
Tuesday we heard from another traveling family that they got some pictures of her that we can expect when they get home!
Wednesday we had a family lunch to celebrate her.
Thursday- we're already to our one week referral-versary! I can't believe it's already been a week!
Every night I go to sleep thinking about her and every morning I wake up thinking about her.
I just can't believe how lucky we are.   She is everything we've been hoping and waiting and dreaming about for SO long!!!


Kirstin C said...

Oh my goodness! How did I miss your referral post!?!? CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm teary-eyed reading these posts. Praying for your sweet family of three :)

*Ashley Lou* said...

I am so excited and praising and rejoicing with you as you prepare for your sweet baby girl!!!!!

lisa said...

So hoping that your wait time goes by quickly!!

Missy at Its Almost Naptime said...

Praying for a fast court date! They scheduled us, the Butlers, and another family not on the FBI for the same day, so it seems like they are trying to put agencies all on one day. Y'all and the Heatons and Jean all got submitted about the same time so I wonder if y'all will all travel together. People are getting court dates super quick so be on the ready!!!

I'm so thrilled y'all are getting a teeny tiny :) So happy for you!!!