Monday, November 12, 2012

Waiting on that next phone call

You may be wondering what the next step is, now that we have our referral. We got news last week that our documents and our little girl's documents had been submitted to court. At this point, we are waiting for the court to review the documents and schedule a court date for us to attend in Ethiopia. Recently other families have gotten court dates fairly quickly after being submitted to court. We could be hearing any day between now and the next couple of weeks.

Whenever we do get that call, we'll be finding out on what days we should be traveling, what day we will see our daughter in person for the first time, and what day we will appear in court.

Our plan is to spend a week in the capital, Addis Ababa, and see as many sights as we can there. Then we will head out to explore other parts of Ethiopia for a week. We are so excited about this trip for so many reasons. First and foremost- we get to see our little girl!  It will also be our first trip to Africa and we will see so many interesting places and capture photos and memories that we can later share with our little girl. It will be an amazing experience and one that we will never, ever forget.


you only live once said...

Exciting! Two of our favorite spots there were the Portuguese Bridge and the crater lake. These were two different day trips we took from Addis. --Elaine

Kim said...

Have you heard about the change in court dates? They are now calling with the date your file is to be reviewed by MOWA (and birth parent is in court). AFTER that positive notice is given, we receive our court/travel dates. Ours is being reviewed November 27--we heard yesterday.