Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another step towards our little girl

We have mentioned before that things are always changing with international adoption.  How often? you ask.  Well, in the last 2 weeks there have been changes in how court dates are assigned in Ethiopia!

Today we got a phone call from our case worker that our first court date has been set.  Before we travel to attend court there is a date when an Ethiopian agency reviews all of our paperwork to make sure that everything is in order.  After they issue a favorable opinion then the Ethiopian court is able to see us in person and finalize the adoption.  It used to be that both court dates were assigned at the same time (the paperwork review date and the in-person meeting).  Now they are just assigning that first date and waiting for the outcome before proceeding to schedule the next date. 

Our review date is next Thursday, November 29.  SO SOON!  Just 9 days away!  We are VERY EXCITED!  There are two families with our agency who are traveling to Ethiopia in the next week to attend court.  They got both of their dates at the same time.  Then there are two families that are in the same boat as us, who have review dates next week and then will get their court and travel dates like we will.

It is an exciting and always changing journey.  We can't wait to find out our travel dates and know the first day we will be seeing our little girl in person.  It will almost definitely be in December!


JJ said...

So very excited for you guys! Before you know it, she will be home with you! Praying you get your court date soon! YEAH!!!!!

hopeful_one said...

Just catching up on you two. I should say "you THREE!"

So so thrilled for you...what a wonderful gift you received On October 18th.

It sounds like things are moving along splendidly fast for you. That is great news!!

Will follow closely and keep you in our thoughts for that court date.

--MB & J